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Lanzarote, March 2015 With the arrival of the spring equinox, we begin a new fishing season and mark the end of the winter fishing season here in The Canaries Islands. During the winter there have been catches of Atlantic bonito, snappers, rays of different classes, particularly the common skate, and sometimes examples of large dorado; the example shown in the photo was caught while we were at anchor; We have been fishing with line, use sardines as attractant bait and live bait among others. During the late winter and early spring, shoals of different types of tuna have passed through our fishing area, mainly white and Bluefin Tuna. At the moment they pass around the neighboring island of Fuerteventura, but we hope that soon we will have in our regular fishing zone.
Lanzarote, September 2014 The Canary Islands Game Fishing Championships have been running since the start of the summer. Our boat, “Tono” achieved first place in the XX111 edition of the Puerto Calero Marina Game Fishing Championships. Fisherman James Warner achieved the capture and reléase of two White Marlín and a 20KG Dorado during the two day long competition in which 38 boats from Lanzarote and Fuerteventura took part. They were two very intense days with lots of activity in the fishing area and many bites. Best Regards
Lanzarote August 2014 With the arrival of summer, our water temperatura rises and large schools of Atlantic herring appear in the fishing area. These attract shoals of Skipjack tuna, dorado, white marlín and other species. There are now white marlín in the fishing area and we are having daily contacts. In the picture, you can see the fishermen who cameo out with us on our “Adventure fishing” activity, with a white marlín which was released after a spectacular fight with the fish jumping out of the wáter. Best Regards
Lanzarote April 22, 2014 The French fisherman, Fabrice Delavier, back on the Island, caught and released two huge specimens of Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus Thynnus) on an amazing day of fishing activity in the fishing area. A day which impressed with the power and size of the catches. He caught 3 fish; one with live bait and two with artificial. All through the day, groups of large Tuna rose to the Surface, attacking shoals of mackerel.
Lanzarote 24-3-2014 The fishing area is very active at the moment. Almost as soon as we leave port, we see large groups of birds such as the Cory's Shearwater, the Sandwich Tern and Curlew, with Alcatraz and Atlantic Dolphins feeding on the shoal. Along with the dolphins, we have many large Bluefin Tuna, Lanzarote 24-3-2014 Recently we hooked one Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus Thinnus) which was released after a long and difficult battle, especially as we had a sea state with waves exceeding 2.5 metres. It was a great experience for the customers on board with us. At times during the fight, we saw groups of tuna attacking the surface bait and jumping right out of the water!
Lanzarote 10/02/2014 Every year around this time, the tuna fishing season starts in the Canary Islands; In this case shoals of medium sized Albacore (Thunnus alalunga) are scattered across ...
With the arrival of the Winter Solstice, the end of the year approaches and a new cycle begins in the sport fishing season in the Canaries. We currently have shoals of Skipjack Tuna and Atlantic Bonito, which we are fishing for daily, recently our good friend and angler Chris Gee has caught highlighting several examples of Atlantic Bonito; One of them with 7.5 Kg. The I.G.F.A. world record it is now of 8.3 Kg. We have sighted a thresher shark and we've had several bites from wahoo which still remain in the fishing area. Winter is the migration season for the Canary Islands as temperate white and Bluefin Tuna pass by. These are preceded by groups of cetaceans and birds of different kinds - we will let you know as soon as we detect the first signs. Best Regards and Happy 2014
The month of October is definitely one of the best times for fishing in the Canary Islands; Currently, the water temperature ranges between 23 º and 24 º with areas reaching 25 degrees Celsius. Most shearwater birds like Cinderella have migrated to the Southern Atlantic. However, despite the lack of signs, large blue marlin females, sometimes accompanied by one or more males, ply the coasts of Lanzarote.
Following the summer solstice, the sea temperatura begins to rise and we start the summer sport fishing season in The Canary Islands. Since the start of the summer, we have been trolling and we have catches of Dorado, Wahoo, Skip Jack Tuna and we have had several bites from Marlin, which got away. Almost every day we sight whales and various types of dolphin, like the bottle nose.
 Lanzarote 30 /4 / 2013 French fisherman Fabrice Delavier, had a battle with a Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus Thyhnnus) which started at 0930 in the morning and he finally got it to the stern of ...
Fishing Adventure 19/04/2013
Lanzarote April 2013 Its early spring and we are continuing our almost daily excursions "Adventure fishing." We are fishing for Atlantic Bonito, Crevally, Snapper, various types of ray and sharks. We are spotting dolphins and whales almost daily
Offer for June 04/02/2013
  Lanzarote, January 2013  In the Winter season, we have been successful with Bonito catches, with large fish, which we have caught by trawling whilst anchored and using live bait. ...
December 2012 30/12/2012
 Lanzarote December 2012 We have started the winter season, with bancos de Bonito listado in the fishing area and Atlantic Bonito of a good size; We are fishinging with large mackerel ...
October 2012 11/11/2012
  Lanzarote, October 2012 During the month of October, we have been making our daily Fishing Adventure trip. Generally, we start in deep wáter, searching for the large ...
Lanzarote, September 2012 During August 31st and September 1st, we celebrated the twentieth edition of The Puerto Calero Fishing Championships, with 37 boats participating and with adverse ...
 Lanzarote, Tuesday June 12. 2012 As we get closer to the summer solstice, the water temperature has risen and in some areas is up to 23 degrees. There are shoals of mackerel and herring ...
May 2012 14/06/2012
Lanzarote Monday May 21, 2012 Since February we have been fishing bottom shark and Atlantic bonito. On days with activity, the anglers who have joined us have caught up to 4, using 15lb lines, ...
January 2011 26/01/2012
 January 19, 2011 we continue to catch almost daily. In the early morning, Mike Davis' son caught a medium sized skip jack tuna, and later Christian Hansen, from ...
January 2011 25/01/2012
Lanzarote  So far this year we have caught Skip jack tuna, Bonito (Atlantic Bonito) and amberjack.. The pictures are from Tuesday the 10th, when Henrik and Martin had ...
December 2011 02/01/2012
 Lanzarote December 2011 The fishing year started and ended in the same way, with Greater Amberjack Since the middle of the year, we have been releasing them in the hope that we will find ...
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